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Living in Possibility

December 13, 2013 954 Comments
m31_gendler_Nmosaic1- Universe

Do you live in reality or in unlimited possibility?  I think we all would like to think we live in unlimited possibility…but ask yourself how often you tell yourself you can’t do something or you can’t afford it?  Have you recently said  “no” to a new  idea or experience? How often do you say I …

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April 26, 2013 1,272 Comments
105 - Smoky Mountains(Mingo Falls)

What is Abundance?   Usually when we think about abundance we are thinking about how much money or wealth we have.  But, abundance is so much more.  It is about having satisfying relationships,  successful careers, health, happiness, freedom….everthing that makes up our lives.  It is about how you feel about your life.  Do you feel abundant or lack?  It is Interesting to …

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The Power of Values

April 19, 2013 1,120 Comments

Guest blog by Nancy Monson  www.nancymonsoncoaching.com Our power comes from living a life in alignment with our values. When you think of a genuinely powerful leader, what comes to mind? Probably someone whose presence and voice are consistent. There’s no question about her authenticity and the conviction of her message – what she says is …

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