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Gratitude vs Appreciation

February 19, 2014 2,070 Comments

I think we often use gratitude and appreciation interchangeably in our conversations…I appreciate your gift or Thank you for your gift.  Thank you for being you or I appreciate you.  I’d like to propose that they are subtly different.  Gratitude is about being thankful for something while appreciation is more about valuing and seeing the …

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Silence – Part II

February 5, 2014 553 Comments
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Barbara Mencer  of Business Breakthroughs says “Silence creates space … space to breathe, relax, and get centered amid all the chatter and rushing about … space for ideas to germinate … space for those who are quiet to speak … space for listeners to truly grasp what they’re hearing and appreciate it fully … space to receive knowledge and consider …

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Power of Silence – Part I

January 17, 2014 932 Comments
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A moment of  Silence can be powerful.  Sit in silence for a few minutes.  What do you notice?  Do you feel more peaceful?   Do you feel a connection with something bigger than you? Do you relax and calm?   Or  Does it make you uncomfortable?  Many people are uncomfortable with silence.  It is why it can …

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What is a Spiritual Practice?

October 22, 2013 703 Comments

  What is a spiritual practice?  First,  a spiritual practice is about bringing spirituality into your daily life.  Scott Alexander (UU minister in Vero Beach, CA) edited a book called Everyday Spirituality.  In the book various people shared how they bring their spirituality into their daily lives.   Scott himself considers his daily run a spiritual …

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Feeling Connected

September 20, 2013 685 Comments

How often do you feel connected to your Spirit or Higher Self?  Feeling connected is key to feeling more joy, peace and happiness. Feeling these good emotions are within our control but sometimes it takes practice.  The more you do it the easier it is.  Start with the intention to make the connection and breath …

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Living in the Present Moment

August 1, 2013 829 Comments
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What does it mean to live in the present moment?….With our busy, do..do..do lives I think it is hard to live in the present.  How often do you realize that you have been busy and there has been no satisfaction and it has been mostly frustration and overwhelm?  Other times do you find that you are …

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Do you have an attitude of gratitude?  According to  Gary Ryan Blair  an Attitude of Gratitude heightens awareness and expands your interaction in the world and  is required for a successful life. When we are feeling gratitude we are blessing everything and appreciating life.  When we are feeling gratitude we are not feeling worry or …

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How do you Deal with Change?

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How do you handle change?  In my 30 years in corporate America there was a lot of change.  As I think back….there were times when I and my fellow employees would resist it.  We would gather and grouse about how it wasn’t right and they didn’t care what we thought.  Then, there were the times when …

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Selected, Simple Techniques for EveryDay Spirituality

March 25, 2013 1,833 Comments
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Last week I was on a blog radio program with Kathryn Yarborough,  creator of Flowing with Change www.flowingwithchange.com and we talked about some simple techniques and tips on how we include more spirituality in our daily lives. The first area is your daily chores.  Kathryn loves to cook mindfully. For example when she is cutting vegetables she notices the colors, textures, …

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