About Me


Carol Plummer

I have been a student of spirituality since the day when at a Spirituality group meeting at her church a member of the group said that Spirituality was everywhere and that everything we were or did reflected or expressed our Spirituality.  Before that I had relegated Spirituality to Sundays or specific times when focused on religious or spiritual topics.  The idea that spirituality was pervasive blew my mind and shifted my understanding of who we are, how we express ourselves and live our lives.  I have been a student of consciousness for 40 years attending various personal  improvement courses including Life Spring, Avatar, and Reiki. Attending these I was focused on my self growth and how to be a better person. In hindsight I realize that these were part of my spiritual journey but if you had asked me at the time I would have denied it.  Only today can I see the spiritual basis and connections I was making.

Here is my bio:

Carol has been a lay leader for the last eight years at her church (a Unitarian Universal congregation) where she has authored and led services on  spirituality, mind-spirit-body balance,  time, gratitude, loving yourself, Dalai Lama,  and meditation.  The latter is her favorite type of service. She leads one at least once a year with titles like Finding Peace, Being Peace, Summer Contemplation.

Carol is the co-founder  with Kelley Edelblut and Cristi Cook of A Better Balanced you whose mission is to provide services for women to increase the joy, peace and happiness in their lives. They teach tools and techniques to reduce stress and upset, empowering them and enabling them to achieve better life balance.  Their vision is a world of people experiencing lives of joy feeling empowered, centered and connected. She was a managing partner from 2010-2012.

Carol Plummer is  currently the Executive Managing Director of the Montgomery County, MD chapter of eWomenNetwork.  eWomenNetwork is an organization dedicated to supporting, promoting and showcasing our members’ products and services and helping them achieve their professional objectives. It is community of women who want to provide unlimited opportunities to transact business with women.  eWomenNetwork is the premiere 1 resource for connecting and promoting women and their businesses.

Prior to her current positions Carol was an entrepreneur for 5 years with a jewelry business and a self improvement course.  She has 30 years of corporate experience with a large computer company.  She has an MBA from American University and a BS in Computer Science. She lives with her husband of 29 years and her Westland High White Terrier.