Melody of your Thoughts

November 22, 2013 967 Comments

I read an article by Rev Dr Bob Luckin who suggests that thoughts (like music) have a mood, rhythm, theme and feel.  These form an energetic tone which creates a pattern which goes out into the universe.  He suggests, “These patterns attract anything and everything in the universe that match them. Thoughts create a unique melody that goes out into the universe, and when the universe hears this melody, it hums this energetic melody into form.”


This is a wonderful analogy for how the law of attraction works with our thoughts.  The law of attraction concept of how thoughts are energy and vibration and like attracts like vibration has always made sense but this creates a picture and a strategy.  I love the idea that my thoughts are creating a melody which is going to manifest in my life.  Is my melody happy and joyful or is it sad and depressing?  Whatever the mood, tempo and pattern of my thoughts is going to determine what I am experiencing.

So, the corollary is if we are experiencing something we don’t like we need to look at what melody (vibration) we are sending out.  Then we need to change our thinking so the melody is what we would love to hear.

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    Melody of your Thoughts « EveryDay Spirituality

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