Why Spirituality?

October 3, 2013 688 Comments

m31_gendler_Nmosaic1- UniverseWhy would you want to connect to spirit? What would the value of being aligned with spirit?  First I think it is about being centered.  When we are connected with spirit we feel centered and balanced. Feeling balanced gives us perspective.  We can appreciate the bigger picture.  We know that there are forces beyond the every day of what we can see, hear, touch or taste. Being aware of the bigger picture helps us to appreciate others for who they are and be more tolerant.  It also helps us overlook the more irritating and mundane aspects of our lives.

Second, when we are connected we feel good.  We are fully present, feeling positive,  in the flow. This means we are less easy upset and handle problems more easily.  It enables us to approach life with a positive attitude and respond with more ease and grace.

Third,   being connected with spirit helps live with more integrity and honesty.  This spiritual connection enables our conscience and intuition to be more available.   It is harder to cheat, condone bad conduct when your conscience is present.  And isn’t it hard to listen to gossip or unethical behavior when you are feeling good and appreciative?

In a conversation recently someone shared that when they connect with spirit and create an intention for the day in the morning their day goes better.  This is where a spiritual practice that connects you with spirit helps.  Don’t you want your day to flow with ease and grace?

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