Appreciating the Beauty in our Lives

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Do you appreciate the beauty in your life?  Or are you so busy doing that you forget to “stop and smell the roses”?  How often do you take the time to recognize and value the beauty in the world?  I walk my dog first in the morning every day. Some days I get back from the walk and realize that I have seen nothing.  My mind was busy thinking about what I have to do during the day, solving some problem or ruminating about the past or future.   There are other days when I see the beauty in the world…I see the flowers, the newly formed buds,  the clouds in the sky,  how graceful a tree is or notice the raindrops hanging from the branches of a bush.  On these days I return relaxed and centered.   Jesse Jennings Minister at the Creative Life Spiritual Center in Houston says,  “We help heal the world by having the courage to name the beauty in it and call it out into full splendor”.  I love the idea by appreciating the beauty  I am calling it into full splendor and that it helps to heal the world. I believe that when we are relaxed and centered and in appreciation we are putting positive energy into the world which helps to heal the world.

How can we apply this to our lives? What could I heal if I look at my life, call out the full splendor and identify it as beautiful?  For example,  yesterday we took my mother to brunch at a great place where an old church had been converted into a coffee house/restaurant.  There was a jazz band.  The whole experience was really beautiful…the ambiance,  the food, the music and the conversation.     Could we take any experience and call out the splendor of it?  How about the meeting that went perfectly with lots of good decisions being made?  What about the wonderful conversation with a friend that was uplifting and satisfying? By appreciating these experiences we are valuing ourselves and our lives putting out positive energy which contributes to healing the world.  Are you helping to heal the world today?

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