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Do you have an attitude of gratitude?  According to  Gary Ryan Blair  an Attitude of Gratitude heightens awareness and expands your interaction in the world and  is required for a successful life. When we are feeling gratitude we are blessing everything and appreciating life.  When we are feeling gratitude we are not feeling worry or …

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Appreciating the Beauty in our Lives

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Do you appreciate the beauty in your life?  Or are you so busy doing that you forget to “stop and smell the roses”?  How often do you take the time to recognize and value the beauty in the world?  I walk my dog first in the morning every day. Some days I get back from the walk …

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How do you Deal with Change?

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How do you handle change?  In my 30 years in corporate America there was a lot of change.  As I think back….there were times when I and my fellow employees would resist it.  We would gather and grouse about how it wasn’t right and they didn’t care what we thought.  Then, there were the times when …

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